About Stars of Tomorrow

Stars of Tomorrow, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that will be helping our youth of today become more successful tomorrow. Stars of Tomorrow, Inc. was founded in 2010 by Jemmy Jasmin, who graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor Degree in Broadcasting and a minor in Business Administration. Jemmy had a dream of starting a foundation to help make a difference in the community in which he came and succeeded.

Our Mission

Stars of Tomorrow, Inc. is committed to providing a stable foundation and secure environment to less fortunate youth across the globe. Anywhere that our help is required, we shall provide assistance. Supporting the youth of our communities is the sole objective of Stars of Tomorrow, Inc. In order to help the youth of today grow to their full potentials, Stars of Tomorrow, Inc. will go above and beyond to help all the youth in need to achieve. Through patience, persistence and diligence Stars of Tomorrow, Inc. will help the youth of today have bright and successful futures.

The Vision

We envision the youth of our communities succeeding through the creation of equal opportunities and community support.

Our Causes

There are many children around the United States that just do not have the same opportunities of more fortunate youth. This is where Stars of Tomorrow steps in. Stars of Tomorrow will be providing backpacks, school utensils, and in some cases, even clothing for those less fortunate children. Stars of Tomorrow will also be providing funding for scholarship opportunities for prospective college students. Every child should have an equal opportunity to succeed in this world and Stars of Tomorrow, Inc. is willing to make sure that this happens.

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